Monday, June 08, 2009

Republican Enters Race for 47th

Updated June 16; it's officially in that Brescia has entered the race. I had posted this as "unconfirmed" for a number of days until I was sure the paperwork was in. --ST

Republican Eric Brescia has entered the race for the 47th House of Delegates seat. He enters a race that tomorrow will see a the five-way Democratic primary turn a hopeful into the party's nominee. Those running for the Democrats include: Miles Grant, Patrick Hope, Alan Howze, Adam Parkhomenko, and Andres Tobar. The Green Party is running Josh Ruebner.

From a press release June 9:

Eric Brescia today announced his candidacy to represent the people of Arlington's 47th House District in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Brescia accepted the nomination of the Republican Party and will run against [Patrick Hope] the winner of the five-way Democratic primary to succeed retiring Delegate Al Eisenberg.

A professional economist, Brescia will bring his problem-solving skills and experience with financial markets and economic development to the State House during this time of economic uncertainty and growing discontent with politics as usual.

Brescia looks forward to sharing with the residents of Arlington County and the 47th District his common-sense, economic approach to governance. As Delegate, Brescia would work with both parties to get Virginia's fiscal house in order, reform government programs to make them more efficient and effective, and protect and extend personal freedom and civil liberties for all Virginians.

As the first Republican to run in the 47th district since 2003, Brescia hopes to create some balance in the partisan representation of Arlington in Richmond so that Arlington will have a clear and effective voice on both sides of the aisle.

"For too long, the good people of Arlington have elected only one party to its six seats in Richmond and all county offices," explained Brescia. "But as our neighbors in Alexandria just demonstrated in their city council elections, Americans are understandably uncomfortable with one-party rule."

"It's about time the people of Arlington be given a choice between more of the same and a candidate who can work with both parties to bring about real and lasting change for all Virginians."

"I've already heard frustrations from many Arlingtonians, and am looking forward to engaging in an aggressive dialogue about ideas on how to reform our state government, keep and attract private-sector jobs in Virginia, and ensure that Virginians hold their elected leaders and representatives accountable," Brescia added.

Brescia is a resident of Arlington's Virginia Square neighborhood. He is a graduate of Providence College in Providence, RI.

"I am excited that Eric has decided to enter this race," said Mark Kelly, Arlington County Republican Chairman. "At a time when our economy is struggling, Eric will be able to put his expertise as an economist to work for us. And, I think the people of Arlington will like his thoughtful approach to all the issues. Eric will make a great candidate and an outstanding Delegate."

More information on the 2009 GOP state and local campaigns in Arlington is available at

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