Friday, June 05, 2009

B'ham Civic Activist Silva Endorses Hope

As a Latino and Arlington resident, I support Pat Hope and I urge everybody to vote for Pat Hope. He has worked hard in the Buckingham neighborhood advocating for our efforts to build a fulbito court and also supports our annual Buckingham Community Festival. Hope is the only candidate of those running for the Virginia Legislature who knows us well and who I can trust to fight for our issues.

Yo, como Latino y residente de Arlington, apoyo a Pat Hope y le pido a toda la comunidad del área que vote por Pat Hope. El ha trabajado fuertemente en el área de Buckingham apoyando los esfuerzos para conseguir nuestro cuadro de juego de fulbito y también apoya nuestro festival anual comunitario de Buckingham. Hope es el único candidato que esta corriendo para el Congreso de Richmond que nos conoce bien y en el cual yo tengo total confianza que que luchará para nuestras intereses.

--Willians Silva

Mr. Silva is a long-time civic activist and affordable housing proponent in Arlington. He lives in the Buckingham neighborhood. "Fulbito" is soccer played on a truncated field (largely in urban/dense areas). --ST

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