Monday, April 27, 2009

Hope Holds Rally at Gates Center

Mario Flores was one of four speakers at a "Latinos for Hope" rally at the Gates of Ballston Community Center, Friday. They spoke on behalf of Patrick Hope, a ten-year Buckingham resident who is running for the Virginia House of Delegates' 47th district. The primary is June 9.

About 40 people came out Friday night to a campaign rally for Patrick Hope in his run to succeed Al Eisenberg in the Virginia House of Delegates. Mr. Hope is one of five Democrats racing to a June 9 primary to determine the party's nominee.

Patrick Hope "helps us with issues before the Arlington County Board, the Arlington Police Department," said Eva Nogales in a prepared statement.

Rosa Fuentes reminded the crowd that Mr. Hope has been the Lubber Run Community Center's Santa Claus, buying many of the presents and dressing up for the annual party over the past six years.

The event, with food and drinks, was held at the Gates of Ballston Community Center, 4108 N. 4th Road.

Other candidates: if you hold a public event in Buckingham, or nearby, please let me know. I'll make every effort to be there for coverage. Email me: --ST

Republicans have yet to field a candidate.

Green Party is running Josh Ruebner.

Democrats will fight for their party's nomination, chosen by primary vote on June 9.

The five Democratic candidates in the race include:

Miles Grant; Patrick Hope; Alan Howze; Adam Parkhomenko; Andreas Tobar.

Full Disclosure: I have known Pat Hope for years and consider him a friend.

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I only met Patrick Hope recently, and I really like his message. After listening to all the Democratic primary candidates at the ACDC Candidate forum, he's got my vote. Patrick was the only one that emphasized helping the least fortunate and building coalitions to get results everyone can support -- and even across the aisle. The other candidates seemed like their first loyalty is to the party machinery rather than the voters. Patrick is obviously mature yet not stuck in his ways. We need an open mind and a caring heart. Patrick is the best choice for Arlingtonians.

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