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HeraldTrib Today Feb. 14, 2009

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HALRB to take Up Telesis and Georgetown Strategic This Week

Arlington’s Historical Affairs and Landmarks Review Board will take another peak at a couple Buckingham projects this Wednesday.

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Georgetown Strategic Capital faced serious criticisms at the December HALRB meeting. They hope to raze the CVS and Glebe Market buildings and replace them with four-storey, mixed use buildings.

The height of the building, the set-back from the road, the amount of available parking and the placement of landscaping all came under fire. At that time, Georgetown Strategic said the restraints on the project were making it less economically viable.

Telesis Corporation, the company that has won the right to redevelop Buckingham Village 3, will present its latest plans. Telesis hopes to keep the buildings in tact, but wishes to add additions to some, basement living spaces in others and a community center in an unused room underground. Read about the January meeting here.

Both groups have appeared before the HALRB and its sub-committee, the Design Review Committee in the past.

The meeting is Wednesday, Feb. 18, 7:30p.m., but the discussion on Buckingham issues is scheduled for just after 8p.m. Anyone who wants to speak on these, or any, issues must sign-up at the start of the meeting.

The Arlington County Board is set to take up some other issues regarding Village 3 next week. More later.

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