Sunday, December 07, 2008

What to my wondering eyes should appear, but a big fire engine and eight men to drive it!

Away to the Lubber Run Center We Flew Like a Flash

Santa Claus arrived on schedule (a guy who can hit billions of homes in a night really must be punctual, no?), at Lubber Run Center, Friday evening, Dec. 5.

Arlington Foresters came out—a couple hundred anyway—on a very wintery night to see the man in red as he swooped into town aboard his red fire engine! Lights and sirens blaring, the jolly 'ol elf waved as his engine roared along N. George Mason Drive, with kids waving and chasing alongside and into the parking lot.

In the warmth inside, the kids waited on line for photos, while parents talked, ate delicious desserts (who made that fudgy, moosey, chocolatey, cheesy cake, anyway? MMMmm-mmm!), and danced with their children to the carols of a jazz trio.

Buckinghamsters are expected to catch sight of the man who makes you laugh in spite of yourself on Friday, Dec. 19, once again at Lubber Run Center.

A few photos from the night, below:

Andrew Rogers tells Santa his secret wishes... (Click to enlarge the image.)

Tori Moyer listens as Santa speaks in her ear... (Click to enlarge the image.)

Mariah Nissenson can't help but giggle... (Click to enlarge the image.)

The Thurston kids, Harry above, Hazel below, asked for computers and watches and all sorts of stuff "Santa" can't afford! (Click to enlarge the image.)

(Click to enlarge the image.)

Sylvie Mortimer sports the latest holiday fashion with her husband Paul Cachion. (Click to enlarge the image.)

The jazz trio: Tommy Greco (sax), Chris Bosch (bass), and Ken Schellenberg (piano). Their "Silent Night" drew a very loud applause. (Click to enlarge the image.)

One fan rushed the stage! (Click to enlarge the image.)

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