Monday, December 22, 2008

HeraldTrib Today: Dec. 22, 2008

Have happy holidays (some of which I know are underway). I have a couple things before I go, and I have a pretty big story that I hope to get to while I take some time away from the blog over the next week or so.

Police notes will return after the holiday.

Santa Came and I Missed It…

I am such a bone-head sometimes. I mentioned in my coverage of Santa at Lubber Run two weeks ago that he would come again for more kids (two weeks ago he visited with Arlington Forest young-uns). Well, he came alright on Friday; I had it on my schedule; my family knew I had that plan. Somewhere between leaving work and heading off for that, I forgot.

Pat “Santa” Hope, the Buckingham Community Civic Association president, said it was a huge turnout, maybe more than ever, and I missed it. My apologies to the people involved. I wanted to be there, and I should have been.

Unfortunately, too, there are no pictures to share, at least not yet.

“The event did have a big turnout and we were so busy with all our delighted guests that we actually forgot to take pictures!” Yvana Cordova, an event organizer, wrote in an email yesterday. She wrote that she hopes some families might share a few. If so, I’ll let everyone know.

Public input will be sought for mini-golf site…

I met with Scott McPartlin of the parks department over a cup of coffee last week. We discussed the county’s research on the potential mini-golf site adjacent to the Ballston Common Mall parking garage.

Two weeks ago I wrote piece that said planners weren’t talking about what they were researching. They still aren’t discussing details, but Mr. McPartlin said they have a few ideas that staff is pursuing and that mini-golf is still on the table.

They plan on preparing their ideas for release during the first half of 2009, and they will allow for full public input on these ideas once they are completed.

A priority for the planners is to find ideas that will bring life to the park and that will be economically sustainable. Any decision will reflect the current economic reality, he said.

The Week’s Headlines…
As always, you can scroll down to see all the recent stories, or simply click the links below (if the link doesn't work, scroll down to find the story, and email to tell me what's busted: --Steve Thurston).

Today's Headlines:

  • For more on mini-golf, click here, and scroll down. Also, Dan Redmond's letter about the mini-golf site has a couple comments worth reading, I think.
  • HALRB Still Questions Center's Redevelopment

  • Headlines from Earlier in the Week:

  • Baseball Slugger Is a Hit with the Kids
  • Grant Takes the Fight Out-of-Turn
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