Monday, November 17, 2008

HeraldTrib Today: Nov. 17, 2008

Running Miles…

Buckingham’s own Miles Grant is running for the House of Delegates' 47th District in Arlington. Incumbent Democratic Al Eisenberg told David Schultz at the Arlington Connection that he is unsure if he will seek another term. Read Mr. Schultz’s story here.

I think there’s more to this, so I’ll keep you posted if I find something.

In the story, Mr. Grant calls himself a resident of Ashton Heights, which technically he is since he lives in Historic Ballston Park, but he lives maybe two blocks from the Buckingham Shopping Center (behind the Eastern Carryout) and he has paid attention to what goes on in Bham, so I’ll claim him for our own.

Good work if you can get it…

A number of people have asked me how it is being back to work after a year-long sabbatical. I took the 2007-2008 school year off at half pay to run this blog and study hyperlocal and electronic journalism. Now I’m back to a full schedule teaching at Montgomery College in Rockville, and let me tell you: half pay without working totally beats full pay if you have to work for it.

The posts have been skimpy and the coverage spotty this fall because so much of my time is taken up elsewhere. I did run this blog, however, for the school year prior to my sabbatical. I just revisited November and December 2006 to find that I kept up postings—not great, but they were there.

Adjustments will be made. Don’t give up on me yet (a mantra I have repeated to my readers many times in the past). Thanks for sticking with me.

The Week’s Headlines…
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Today's Headlines:

  • Proposed Mixed-Use Replacement for Goodyear Building

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  • "H and H Report" (the HeraldTrib's companion, for-kids-by-kids entertainment review) checked out "Madagascar2: Escape to Africa"
  • Police Notes for Buckingham
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    Hello, I just moved to Buckingham from elsewhere in Arlington. I was wondering about the Buckingham civic association. It is one of the few Arlington associations without a website so I figured I would ask you. When do they meet? What is it like? Anything you might want to add to my simplistic questions? I would love a post on this but any information would be great.
    Odd note -- I was looking at the neighborhood map to see in which neighborhood I officially live. (I consider myself to have at least partial citizenship in Ashton Heights, Ballston, Buckingham, and Virginia Square. Oh, and Westover since I love Lost Dog Cafe THAT much.)

    It looks like Ashton Heights extends along the north side of Glebe Road all the way to Wilson to include, strangely enough, the Ballston Common Mall and the Buckingham historic marker at the northeast corner of Glebe and Quincy/Henderson.
    Enjoy your blog. I know it takes time but i find it very informative. Keep up the good work.

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