Thursday, June 26, 2008

Joint Meeting Cancelled

The meeting between the HALRB and the Planning Commission set for tonight has been cancelled. It was to have covered the plans for redevelopment of the N. Glebe Road at N. Pershing Drive intersection. No further date has been set.

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Everyone interested in the development project at Glebe Road and Pershing Drive should be aware that the applicant has submitted a application for an amendment to a Use Permit. The County Board will consider this.

The amendment requests the relocation of required landscaping to levels of the building that will be out of sight and inaccesible to the public. The occupants of the building will be able to see the landscaping and to visit it. This will increase the potential of the developer and occupants to profit from the landscaping, but will detract from the neighborhood (perhaps depressing nearby property values).

Anyone interested in this or anything else about the project can obtain a copy of the Use Permit Amendment application from Rasheeda McKinney of the County's Planning Division. Refer to Use Permit Application No. U3198-08-01, Georgetown Strategic Capital, LLC. You will need to comment on the Use Permit within the next week or two.

Bernie Berne

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