Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No Clear Nominee in Beaver's Name!

Bucky, Lubby, or Bigtooth? We just don't know. (Click to enlarge the image.)

It’s too close to call! The campaign to name to the Lubber Run beaver will run yet another week as a clear winner has not garnered enough delegates for officials to call the race.

With two votes each, the names: Lubby, Bigtooth (or Big Tooth), and Bucky, are tied in a three-way race.

Voting will continue until next week when the results will be retabulated and a winner, with luck, will be chosen. If the campaign stretches on much more into the summer, beavers everywhere say the infighting threatens to tear apart the park’s wildlife and open up a chance for the squirrels to win.

So, make sure you vote in “Week Two of Name the Lubber Run Beaver” survey. Click Here to take it.

Last week's survey collected 12 responses, spread through a spectrum of ideas. The also rans, with one vote each: Kershplooshie, Chipper, Lucie Moon, Muddy, Hazel, Paco, and Lubber.

Unfortunately, I have not seen any more signs of the beaver, since the initial sighting on Mother's Day (May 11), but maybe it's just really, really sneaky. Vote today; make your voice count!

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