Wednesday, May 21, 2008

HeraldTrib Today: May 21, 2008

I’m back, sort of…

Well, I’ve unburied myself, a bit, from the flood of two Mondays ago. I’m offering just a little update today, but will have more including the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony tomorrow (Thursday, 12:30) of the renovated intersection of N. Glebe Road and N. Pershing Drive. If you want to go, the ceremony starts near the Glebe Market.

I’ll admit that I do like what I see when I walk or drive through that intersection.

Make sure you scroll down to see the Lubber Run Beaver, and take time to name him/her/it.

Lubber Run Center still not up for renovation…

The county’s Capital Improvement Program, proposed about two weeks ago, focuses monies largely on immediate needs and programs already underway in the county, so the Lubber Run Community Center once again did not make the list of buildings to be rehabilitated.

Saying “we still have work to finish,” County Manager Ron Carlee, told the county board the five-year CIP focuses on the $747 million to which the county has already committed. This includes 22 major capital projects and 33 neighborhood conservation projects.

“That is a big capital program,” he said, adding later, “We’ve got to finish these big projects.”

The CIP directs the county’s spending on major renovation projects for the next five years, and is funded largely by bonds. At the special meeting which outlined the 2009-2014 CIP, Mr. Carlee cited concerns that the county’s debt level on average would rise too high if they took on too much more debt to fund projects.

Renovations to the Lubber Run Community Center, according to interviews with Recreation Manager Carol Hoover last fall, have almost been funded by the CIP in the past. The 1950s era center is no where near handicapped accessible, as the only accessible floor is the basement level. One must take stairs to get anywhere else in the building.

Arlington Mill, Westover Library and Fire Station #3 are some of the ongoing projects that made the list.

More on this another day.

The Week’s Headlines…
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