Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wood Ducks and Stupid Woodpeckers

At least one wood duck and one wood drake have come to Sparrow Pond this spring. Last year saw 10. (Click to enlarge the image.)

I swung by Sparrow Pond on my morning walk today. I was looking for wood ducks, which I love for their colors, and I was not disappointed.

The ducks, which county naturalists historically have tried to make comfortable, are back. At least, one pair is. I shot the photo of them with my cell phone, so you can barely see them. I don’t know if there are more mates. Last year about 10 showed up.

From the stupid bird department...

You may recall the video I shot from my basement in February showing a male cardinal attacking its reflection in the window.

Well, we can add a dim-witted pileated woodpecker to the flock of flighty birds.

If you look closely at the image on the right (again, shot with my cell phone, sorry). You’ll see the top of the metal tower has a small bump on it. That is the head of the wood pecker which was beating the living bejeesus, like a mad steel-drummer, out of the tower’s top. It flew off after awhile.

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