Thursday, April 03, 2008

Letter: "Poverty Isn't a Crime"


I was the person who suggested the four way stop at N. Thomas Street and N. Pershing Drive. I was sitting next to Carrie Johnson. I see the accidents (at least once a week) of cars hitting each other. One day it will be a person, and then, maybe, someone will listen. I am not a resident of the Gates, I live in Buckingham Village 3.

["Gates" is the Gates of Ballston apartments. BV3 is the block on the north side of Pershing between George Mason Drive and N. Thomas Street. See Wednesday's HeraldTrib Today for the original story on this topic. --ST.]

I don't think the plans look as good as they should. They look like they don't belong. Put in some affordable housing and with some changes, they would be acceptable. The plans aren't even close to looking like what Paradigm is doing down the street. And you and I both know what a huge fan I am of Paradigm's plans. (Hah!)

I was so angry when I read the blog, I decided to email you rather than blast you in public. I got home so late that night, that I didn't attend a BRAVO meeting earlier. If I am going to give up something that will benefit my neighbors: I would at least appreciate credit for what I said that will benefit my neighbors..

It isn't a walk in the park for most of my neighbors who do things right, to put up with vandalism, harassment and fear from those who don't. That is a police issue. But to label all day workers as a problem is just plain unfair.

I lived in the Oaks [Arlington Oaks] for almost 14 years. My attitude toward BV & the Gates was that poverty isn't a crime. At least people go to work. It was just too bad that the management didn't maintain the property [the original BV property]. It certainly isn't maintained here where I live without harassing Paradigm. I am lucky, I am high profile enough that management takes care of my unit. But I get calls about the others in my development who aren't so lucky.

On the plus side, thank you for confusing me with Carrie. I should be so fortunate to be as knowledgeable and talented as she.

Please, get it are a reporter. I look forward to hearing about it in the next blog.

Pate McCullough



Tenant, BV3

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To complain about "vandalism, harassment and fear" without mentioning the day laborors is beyond hilarious. Thanks for the laugh, whoever you are.
Thanks for the kind words in the letters policy that was posted in today's Tribblog. While we don't always agree, we do agree to disagree. I don't know why the anonymous poster was so amused by what I had to say. But if it made anonymous laugh, it also made him/her think.
In addition, I certainly appreciated you article on the men on the corner. It was insightful, thoughtful and kind.
Meanwhile, let's see what we can do with transportation to get 4 way stop signs at Pershing and Thomas and/or flashing pedestrian lights like those on Columbia Pike or up in Ballston. I think we would be pushing too hard to get a light...but hey, we can push! I am happy to help in anyway I can for the people of this wonderful neighborhood.
To Nancy Bukar, keep working on the problems at the Chatham. You are a courageous lady. I am happy to be mentioned in the same article with you.
While I won't be here much longer, I will continue to be a member of BRAVO, BU-GATA and the working group for BV3. I will be working with these groups and watching very carefully. And like the Terminator: "I'll be back".
So the happy dance and the chorus of "Ding, dong, the witch is dead" will be very short lived. And I will be reading the HeraldTrib and spending time here to see what is going on.
Pate McCullough
BV3 tenant

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