Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Candidates Respond to Survey

Just barely in time for the Democratic endorsement process for the school board, comes surveys from the school board candidates to the HeraldTrib. I wrote and emailed the survey out late last week and then called (when I had phone numbers) the candidates asking them to look for it in their email. (I did not have phone numbers for Terron Sims and Karla Hagan, so I emailed the survey to addtional addresses found on their web sites, if available.)

Four of the six people running for the school board responded in time for today's deadline. [Mr. Sims responded a day late, but has been added below. --ST] I am not sure why the others did not, but I can think of many legitimate reasons, so I hope readers will not hold the lack of a response against them.

Where I have added information for clarity, I put my writing inside [square brackets].

The respondents are (alphabetically):

  • Libby Garvey (incumbent): response and campaign web site.
  • Reid Goldstein: response and campaign web site.
  • Karla Hagan: response and campaign web site.
  • Terron Sims: response and campaign web site
  • Emma Violand-Sanchez: response and campaign web site.

  • James Lander campaign web site did not respond to the survey.

    Remember that it is illegal in Virginia for political parties to nominate school board candidates, so the Democrats instead "endorse" after voting in a two-day affair, Thursday, May 1, 7-9p.m. at Jefferson Middle School, 125 South Old Glebe Road, or Saturday, May 3, 11a.m. to 7p.m. at Washington Lee High School, 1301 N Stafford St.

    Two people will win the nod of the party, one person to replace outgoing member Frank Wilson, and the other is fighting for the spot incumbent Libby Garvey is trying to hold onto.

    Voting Places…

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    Hey Steve,

    Participation in the caucus is not limited to "party faithful." Any registered voter can cast a vote. However in order to vote one has to sign a pledge promising not to oppose the candidate chosen by the process.

    Many people strongly oppose this endorsement activity. But for now, it is the de facto election -- so if you care, turn out. And join me in voting for Reid!

    Great work, as always.

    Rebecca Krafft
    Those people who oppose political party endorsement process as corrupting the intent of Virginia law should do the right thing by voting in the general election for a candidate that did not seek the endorsement of any party.

    Those candidates that are attempting to obtain these endorsements contribute to this corruption. Their morals and professed goals are suspect.
    It seems pretty obvious from the responses that if elementary school crowding is an important issue to you than a vote for Karla Hagan i sthe way to go.
    Clearly, Ms. Hagan's responses were the most thorough -- especially in response to the EEEC question. Thanks for providing this Steve.
    Mr. Thurston,

    Thank you for taking the time to get this information from the candidates. It is very informative and helpful when it is presented in this format, and also had the candidates address the specific and important issues for this election.

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