Monday, February 11, 2008

Presidential Campaign Donations for 2007, ZIP 22203

Individuals from the 22203 ZIP Code gave 311 donations to 14 Presidential candidates during 2007. The donations averaged $533.82 for a grand total of $166,017.

The most famous names that make their way onto the list include Ted Leonsis. He wrote checks at $2,300 each from the Washington Capitals’ world headquarters atop the Ballston Common Mall parking garage (it, not his house, is in 22203). The AOL Executive and Capitals owner seems to have been a good prognosticator, as well, donating only to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain.

Also on the list: Richard A. Clarke, a long-time government bureaucrat who apologized in front of the 9/11 Commission to the families of the dead and was castigated by the Bush Administration for his testimony. He gave $2,300 to Barack Obama.

Feminist Majority Foundation President Eleanor “Elly” Smeal made the list, donating $3,200 to Ms. Clinton. Others include: Peter Singer of the Brookings Institution ($350 to Mr. Obama); Michael R. Nelson (IBM Executive and Georgetown University professor) gave $3,650 to Ms. Clinton, Mr. Obama and Bill Richardson; Paul Hazen, president/CEO of the National Cooperative Business Assoc. gave $4,600 to Ms. Clinton.

Each icon/person on the map--displayed in no particular order--represents one candidate. Click each one to get more information.

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The numbers above represent donations to presidential candidates from the 22203 ZIP code (outlined on the map). Each icon of a person represents a candidate who received donations and filed Federal Election Committee returns during 2007.

The number of “total donations” is less any donations that were returned to the donor. “Avg. Donation” is simply the total donated amount divided by the total number of donations. Although the maximum donation a person can give to a candidate in one election is $2,300, some of the donations are larger than that. It could be that they were donating from their corporation/group, or that the campaign had not gotten around to giving back the excess.

To see the numbers yourself, click here. Once you get to the FEC's page, change "Donor Name" to "ZIP Code" in the drop-down menu, and you're off! If you would like my calculations or a nice pdf of all the info, email me: --ST

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