Wednesday, January 02, 2008

HeraldTrib Today: Jan. 2, 2008 Happy New Year!

Well, I’m back. It’s been almost two weeks since I last posted. I hope you had nice, safe holidays. I have to tell you that I am in no mood to work.

My family and I had a wonderful time up at my parents' in northern New York, the Lake George area, if you know it, and I could have stayed there forever. Cold and snowy—a real winter.

We arrived a couple days before Christmas with about a foot of snow on the ground, but the weather was just enough above freezing to keep everything sticky. We had a good day of building snowmen and sledding, but then the snow got too wet in the next day or two (the temperatures hovered in the upper 30s and lower 40s).

Then on New Year's Eve day, the day we were leaving of course, we got six inches of snow with the promise of six more New Year's Day. It about killed me to leave that.

So you know, nothing shut down, though I was surprised that the New York Times did not arrive at the Cumberland Farms convenience store. They’ll have to get a new driver. The Wall Street Journal made it. I love snow.

The weather channel is saying that 22203 might just get some snow today. The thermometer hanging on my window says it is about 28 degrees outside. Perfect conditions. Think Snow!

Here are a couple nice photos for those of you who love the white stuff, taken at my parents’ Monday early morning:

This is a crab apple in my parents' front yard. This photo, and the fact that I had to shoot in "panoramic" to get the whole thing, made me realize just how huge it is. It's starting to die, though, and my father is thinking of removing it, alas. Glad to have this shot of it. (Click to see a larger image.)

These are evergreens on the neighbor's property. (Click for a larger image.)

The Week’s Headlines…
I have just a couple stories here for you to check out. I must admit, though, my longing for snow has me procrastinating, looking disbelievingly on the green grass outside. I’ll be back up and running with more stuff on Friday.

As always, you can scroll down to see all the recent stories, or simply click the links below (if the link doesn't work, scroll down to find the story, and email to tell me what's busted: Thurston).

Today's Headlines:

  • Police Notes for Buckingham (I went ahead and posted everything since Dec. 19 on one map, rather than dividing it into the two separate weeks. As it happens, there are two burglaries, both from Dec. 19.)
    Headline's from Earlier in the Week:
  • HALRB to Georgetown Strategic Capital: The buildings you designed are too big. These are the buildings that will potentially replace the Glebe Market, El Paso and CVS buildings at the corner of N. Pershing Drive and N. Glebe Road.


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