Saturday, December 01, 2007

Letter: Writer "Very Happy" with RFP Process.

Hi Steve,

I can tell you that I am very satisfied with the RFP language. It took a while to come up with something that actually satisfied all people participating in the process but I think the County did a great job addressing our concerns in the last version of the RFP. We are hoping to receive very creative responses to this RFP. The community is also satisfied with the language included in the RFP.

Regarding the Review Committee, we will have community representatives in the selection committee which is great, not as many votes as we (BRAVO) would like, but on the other hand we will have good and committed people participating, which is the most important aspect of the selection process.

Overall I can tell you that, as a tenant representative, I am very happy about the entire process –the community could effectively voice its needs and concerns and the County was very responsive to them. Kathleen McSweeney was a great leader in all this process.

Hope this answered your question; there is a confidentiality agreement in place to guarantee a fair selection process.

Take care,
Caridad Palerm

I had emailed the writer for a response to the RFP posting story (click here), and though the email did not come in time for that, I thought her response was worth posting here. She is the Executive Director of BRAVO (Buyers and Renters Arlington Voice).--ST

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