Thursday, December 06, 2007

FYI: Just in Time for the Holidays

Listening to NPR on my iPod this morning, I heard about this site, and I thought the parents out there might care: It lists thousands of toys and what chemical tests revealed about those toys. It also says where the toy is sold and which company distributes it.
Floating Stars Cooling Teether.

A "Classic Pooh" teether, the "Floating Stars Cooling Teether," you'll be happy to know, has only medium levels of chlorine/PVC and only two parts per million of arsenic in the "teether star segment", according to their tests. It is made in China (go figure).

In all fairness, it is a little difficult to tell what they mean by the "teether star segment"--it might be a star encased in the plastic outer ring, something the kid's teeth or gums might never reach. Still, it's a tad disconcerting. At least the tests did not find lead, according to the site.

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