Monday, December 10, 2007

Blue Car Stackers Coming Down

The American Service Center parking lot “stacking mechanisms” at the corner of N. Glebe Road and N. Quincy Street are coming down by year’s end. These are the blue contraptions that allow ASC to park one car over the space occupied by another.

The removal is part of an overall site plan review and redevelopment of the corner, which ASC owns. The stacking mechanisms along N. Randolph Street opposite the Ballston Common Mall will remain. The parking lot holds 117 cars, plus another 55 on the mechanisms, according to the county staff report.

A county board vote to approve the use of the space as a parking lot without the mechanisms is planned for the board meeting this Saturday, Dec. 15.

Expect a complete story about ASC’s redevelopment in January.

Staff Report to the County Board…
  • Interim Parking Lot, 585 N. Glebe Rd.

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    Isn't this just eventually going to be redeveloped into apartments or office space? Seems like a terrible use of space for a car dealership.

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