Thursday, November 15, 2007

Letter: Bring Art to Bham.


I often wondered about that house in the middle of the block on Glebe surrounded by the Gates. What a great idea to house a museum there! I am in favor of reopening the Buckingham Theater as well. If there are to be new buildings on the corner, let the market and the post office, as well as El Paso and the other businesses that make up our neighborhood be in bright new quarters.

I am happy to hear that you are excited about putting the arts right here in Buckingham. The rich people have theirs. We, the people of Buckingham, while not rich and of very modest means, appreciate the arts too. We have talented kids in the youth group who paint very well. And a place to showcase local artists is a fine idea. A theater group is a great idea too.

There is more to Buckingham than affordable housing. While it is one cause, it isn't the only one. I am glad to hear of your support for the arts. This neighborhood is rich in history. A museum could showcase all of the best of Buckingham through the years.

Bravo, Steve.

Pate McCullough

The writer is a board member of the BU-GATA tenants association. If you are interested in more feedback on this topic, check out the "Art on the Four Corners" story and comment. --ST.

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