Monday, October 29, 2007

Breakfast with Walter at Rinconcito

The days before the elections quickly run, so it turned out that Walter Tejada and I couldn’t find a good date for a quick “Meet-n-Greet” in order to let Buckinghamsters have their chance with him. Instead, he and I sat down to breakfast on Friday at Rinconcito Chapin in the Buckingham Shopping Center. Mr. Tejada had chosen the place, and I knew from an email group I belong to that the owners of the shop support him—he has had political events there over the past month. When he arrived, he was greeted warmly by a small handful of people.

He apologized for missing my emails regarding a “Meet-n-Greet,” and I apologized for not pursuing him more fully. We each ordered a #1 off the lighted sign over the grill—eggs over, fried plantains, refried beans, and a baked corn tortilla of some sort, crispy. I had to admit to not being a huge fan of Guatemalan food, although I love a good fried plantain. I was surprised by the beans, very good. Haven’t been in years, but I plan to go back.

We had a nice conversation, for about an hour. His responses appear in the story below. As always, the questions are edited to get to the point (I’m known to ramble), and the responses are all quotes, with “ums” and “ahs,” unnecessary asides or repetitions removed.

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