Wednesday, September 26, 2007

HeraldTrib Today: Sept. 26, 2007

Slow news this week, sorry. But there’s stuff here for you to read.

DON’T FOGET THIS SUNDAY: The HeraldTrib’s first “Meet-n-Greet” with Josh Ruebner, (Green Party) at 2p.m. at the Arlington Oaks Community Center. He’ll talk, take questions, and mingle. He is bringing a Spanish-language interpreter. Light food and beverages will be served. (Click the link for more information.)

Other Meet-n-Greets with county board candidates:

  • Mike McMenamin (R), Sunday Oct. 14, 2p.m., Arlington Oaks Community Center
  • Mary Hynes (D), Monday Oct. 22, 7p.m., Arlington Oaks Community Center.

  • The HeraldTrib is unaffiliated with any political party, but offers these as a public service. More on the other two candidates will be posted as we near those events. --ST

    The purchase and renovation of Buckingham Village 3 was the topic du jour at the Buckingham Village 3 Working Group on Monday, Sept. 24. The group, largely responsible for what happens to Village 3, discussed who should sit on a panel to review developer proposals and what that request for proposals should look like.

    In the negotiations between county staff, citizens and Paradigm Development Cos. regarding the future of Buckingham Villages, Village 3 fell under the protection of the county’s Historic Affairs and Landmark Review Board and is the village that will remain closest to what it is today.

    In the negotiations, the county agreed to buy Village 3 for about $32 million, through a developer, from Paradigm Development Co, which owns the property. No money has yet been spent on the purchase. The working group will help woo and choose the developer with the idea that some, or all, of Village 3 would change from rental to co-operative, condominium or a mixture of the two.

    Village 3 sits on Pershing Drive between N. George Mason Drive and N. Thomas Street. More on this when the request is closer to completion.

    My column at the Arlington Connection has resumed. (It's about Arlington Freecycle).

    For more stories that you might have missed, feel free to scroll down from this page, or click these links.

    Today's Headlines:

  • Pot-Luck Surprise (My simple take on Barrett’s PTA potluck last night).
  • Police Notes for Buckingham (A foiled mugging tops the list.)

    Headlines from Earlier in the Week:

  • Barrett to Practice Lockdowns and Shelter-in-Place Drills
  • Mini-Golf Plans Progressing (but BCCA President Pat Hope wants to take a step back—read his comment at the end of the story.)

  • Troubles clicking through these links? Just scroll down, the stories are all there. --ST

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