Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just a note to say "more to come"

I can see on my “Google Analytics” that many of you have taken up my charge to check up on the Herald Trib throughout the week. Sorry this week hasn’t offered much for you. People haven’t been in for interviews, and my family and a bunch of friends went camping over the weekend, a trip a long time in the making.

Took the kids to see the Nats game last night (thanks again, Pat, for the tix), but had to leave after the top of the sixth! AAaaaargh! On the way to the car, we heard the crazy cheering as the Nats sliced their deficit in half. The Washington Post story on the game talked about how the little things made all the difference in the world in that game. If you were watching/listening during the first five innings, you’d have thought the Nats were the last in NL East for a reason. Easy misses, bad throws. All of it looked mediocre.

By the way, the Connection has already published my column for the week (Too Much Choice Leaves Head Spinning and Stomach Churning). Enjoy!
So far this week, by the way, no police notes. Keep your fingers crossed.
I’m working on a few stories, so this week and next should be a little better, but then I’m off to a conference next weekend. (To the Black Hills!)

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