Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Butterflys, Blogs and Guns

Two Weeks, No Food, Get Lucky (and off you go…)
The photo is blurry (too close for the cell phone’s focus, sorry), but my son and I found this Cecropia Moth in the parking lot of the Unitarian Universalist Church, on N. George Mason Drive just over Arlington Boulevard from Buckingham.

They’re nocturnal and the largest moth in North America and only live as moths about two weeks—the link above says the adults can’t eat (which I’m guessing makes it tough to live more than two weeks). They live as moths just to mate.

This one was easily five inches across and bright orange-red on its striped body. We got the bug onto a stick and over to the base of a nearby tree. We had no idea what else to do with a moth that looked stumble-drunk, and we didn’t want it to get squished by a car.

The Butterfly Website” said the moths are “widely distributed in forests, arable land, and gardens, from southern Canada through the USA to Mexico.”

Bloggers Up to My Ears!
And ain’t it grand? The post story has put me in touch with some great blogs and bloggers from around the country (and I’m happy to report that Google tells me a few people in Europe have even touched down at the Herald Trib a time or two).

Some new-to-me-blogs you might want to see:

K-9 Unit Searches for Gun in B-ham.
A missing gun brought a K-9 unit out to the corner of N. Henderson Road and N. Thomas Street in Buckingham early Sunday morning, June 3 [Alas, I left my cell phone home—ST].

In the wee-hours of the day, police say, Leon Lewis Nelson, Jr., of the 4200 block of N. Henderson Rd., brandished the firearm at a tow truck driver.

The tow truck driver was walking along N. Henderson Road looking for illegally parked vehicles at about 2:46 a.m., according to the police report.

He walks to look for the vehicles first in order not to draw attention to himself, said Det. Steve Gomez of the Arlington County Police Department. Mr. Nelson, according to the police report, came out of an apartment, drew the gun from his illegally parked car, which forced the truck driver to flee. Mr. Nelson drove off and was apprehended nearby, the report said.

The gun was not found on Mr. Nelson or in his car. Police received a search warrant for the apartment and did not find the gun there, either, Det. Gomez said. Mr. Nelson is being held on $3,000 bond.



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