Thursday, May 24, 2007

The BCCA Needs Your Help; Newsweek on Schools

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Drive These Projects Through the Intersections!
Buckingham has money within its reach to improve some of the intersections around here, but Patrick Hope, the Buckingham Community Civic Association president, and the BCCA need help shepherding these projects through the Neighborhood Conservation Program.

The intersections (listed in no particular order) are some of the darkest, fastest, most pedestrian-brutal in the neighborhood:

Contact Pat Hope if you wish to help get these projects done. It's paperwork pushing, deadline hitting kind of work, but the neighborhood (especially the pedestrians) will love you for it. The projects need doing, and the neighborhood could lose the money if we do not take advantage of the budget.

W&L Places in Arlington
Newsweek has placed all of Arlington’s public high schools into the top 1 percent in the nation, with HB Woodlawn (12), Washington and Lee (31), and Yorktown (56) making it into the top 100. I could not help but notice that this press release from the Arlington Public Schools says, “In addition H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program, Yorktown and Washington-Lee High Schools have made the ‘Top High Schools in America’ list.”

Funny how Yorktown was transplaced…the writers can’t even claim alphabetizing. I just feel badly that the students, faculty and staff of W&L look like they showed rather than placed in Arlington.



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