Wednesday, February 07, 2007

EXTRA: Police to Step-up Morning Patrols in Buckingham.

More patrols should arrive soon.
Arlington Police told the Buckingham Herald Trib that they plan to step up morning patrols of the Buckingham neighborhood after two similar purse-snatching thefts occurred within two weeks of each other.

Although Det. Steve Gomez of the Arlington County Police said the investigators are not ready to say the crimes were committed by the same person, he admitted the similarities made it very possible.

According to police, the victims, both women, described men wearing similar coats--blue coats with hoods. The methods of attack--shoving the women to ground and running off with the purses--were the same. The times were early morning and they occurred within a couple blocks of each other. (See the post from earlier today for more details.)

Detective Gomez said the investigators have been taking the cases seriously, and the patrols should begin soon.


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