Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Buckingham Villages; Police

MOU Deadline Delayed

A March 1 deadline to reach the objectives spelled out in a Memorandum of Understanding set between Arlington County and Paradigm Development Co. has been pushed back to later in March. The MOU states that the county and Paradigm will work in good faith to redevelop Buckingham Villages with the interests of the owner, residents and community in mind.

The timeline was to see final proposals at the county board meeting on Feb. 24. Given the level of detail needed in the application, both sides have said the deadline was too tight. To have the site plan application approved through the various county commissions before reaching the county board in late February would have meant having the entire application completed a couple weeks from now.

“We potentially could have done it, and it just wouldn’t have been perfect. We’ve spent so much time, we want it to be complete and understandable,” said Paradigm President Stan Sloter in an interview.

He said that site plan “Scenario 8” has been chosen as the best idea to pursue in the site plan application, and they intend to have the full application regarding that site plan ready for the county’s planning commission by the first week of March. (For the most recent discussion of the site plan scenarios see the Dec. 3 and Dec. 10 Herald Trib.)

A fly in this ointment could be a March 9 deadline for filing a tax-break application with the state. The tax breaks will help the county and Paradigm offer the some of the units at affordable rates. Mr. Sloter said he believes they have enough of the details worked out to be able to apply for the tax credits, but he admitted that something unforeseen might occur.


Police Notes for Buckingham

Jan. 17: Felony Hit and Run, N. Glebe Road at N. Piedmont Street.

Between 7:10 and 7:15p.m., a car rear-ended a vehicle waiting to make a left turn from northbound N. Glebe Road onto N. 4th Street.

The suspect vehicle did not stop and continued onto Piedmont Street, a block east of Glebe Road, where it struck six parked cars. The suspect vehicle was later located, unoccupied, in the area of N. 4th and Nelson Streets, the police reported.

A K-9 unit conducted a track and found the suspect about a block away with the keys to the vehicle in his pocket. David Sanchez Cortez, 26, of Arlington, was arrested and charged with Felony Hit and Run and six counts of Misdemeanor Hit and Run, police reported.

Mr. Sanchez Cortez was also charged for Driving Without a License and he was wanted by the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office on an “failure to appear” warrant for a previous Driving Without a License charge, the police reported. As well, the arrest report indicated that Mr. Sanchez Cortez had been drinking but may not have been impaired by it, wrote Det. Steve Gomez in an email. Gomez is a spokesperson for the Arlington County Police.

In a follow-up telephone call, he said that he didn’t know exactly why no field sobriety test was given. Under Viginia law a driver may refuse the field test, and officers might not have thought Mr. Sanchez Cortez was inebriated enough to require a test, Det. Gomez said.

According to Det. Gomez, Mr. Sanchez Cortez was to be released on $10,000 bond but faces up to 10 years in jail or a $2,500 fine. There are many other lesser possibilities for punishment, depending on the wording of the charges, Det. Gomez wrote.

According to Det. Gomez, the driver of the victim’s car did not report injuries to police.

Reported Jan. 17:
Stolen Car, 300 block of N. Thomas St.
A 1997 black Honda civic, with plates: MD 9BZF54. (Police did not identify when the car was stolen.)


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