Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Stepping in their own Macaca.

I’m afraid Democratic Senate candidate Jim Webb is starting to sound like John Kerry, if what the Washington Post said this morning is true. Apparently, he had said that he didn't like Affirmative Action, but now has decided that he believes in Affirmative Action for blacks but not other minorities. That sounds a little too much like “I voted for it before I voted against it.” I don’t think Kerry’s playbook is the one you want to steal from, Jim. Have the guts enough to say what you feel about it--hell, there are African-Americans and other minorities out there who agree with you. Just stop waffling.

Along those lines, I’ll put in my two cents (but who really cares) about Senator Allen’s “Macaca.” Whether he meant it as a racial slur (which I believe he did), or even whether he knew what it meant, I can’t help but think that he sounded like a child in that video on YouTube. He had the perfect opportunity to make a great political point: he (Allen) was in Virginia while Webb was out-of-state talking to Hollywood types. “I’m here, and he never will be” is a rough version of what he tried to tell his supporters, but it was lost thanks to his own blunder. Even if he had called Mr. Sidarth “Bozo” or “Spongebob” the result would have been much the same. In either case he looks like he can’t handle it when people who disagree with him are paying attention to what he does. That’s not exactly senatorial.

On an unrelated note, I'm working on some better posts, keep reading. I'm just getting started.


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