Monday, November 17, 2008

Proposed Mixed-Use Replacement for Goodyear

Zoning changes will be required. The BCCA president hopes to get a pedestrian bridge over Glebe.

Crimson Urban, Inc., owners of 650 N. Glebe Rd., are looking to redevelop that parcel of land where the Goodyear Auto Service Center now stands.

“This application is requesting approval for a five (5)-story approximately 115 unit residential building with approximately 9,234 square feet of ground floor retail,” a letter from the owner’s lawyers states.

Under a proposed redevelopment plan, the Goodyear building at N. Glebe and N. Carlin Springs roads would be replaced with a five-storey, mixed use building. (File photo, Click to enlarge the image.)

Current zoning allows for a four-storey mixed use building, which means the developer will have to go before the county’s Site Plan Review Committee, a sub-set of the Planning Commission, for approval.

The letter says that the apartments will be “reasonably priced,” that the building will have 146 parking spaces, and that the building will try to receive 26 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design credits from the U.S. Green Building Council.

County planners and residents have long wanted to improve pedestrian safety at the corner of N. Glebe and N. Carlin Springs roads where the building sits.

“This may be our chance to negotiate the overhead crosswalk over N. Glebe we've been discussing for years. I hope to make this part of the discussions,” wrote Pat Hope, the Buckingham Community Civic Association president in an email. That crosswalk would connect to the Goodyear site to the Ballston Common Mall parking lot. Mr. Hope forwarded the attorney’s letter to the HeraldTrib.

The U.S. Green Building Council, an independent group, has four levels of certification. A LEED credit score from 26 to 32 is “certified,” from 33 to 38 is “silver,” from 39 to 51 is “gold,” and platinum buildings range from 52 to 69 possible points, according to the council’s web site.

The current zoning allows for four storeys. The building under construction on N. Thomas Street, near the Goodyear, is covered under the same zoning and is being built “by right” meaning basically that it is staying within current zoning.

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    There will be no pedestrian overpass if the County Board approves the applicant's plans. A pedestrian overpass can enter the second floor of a commercial building, but it cannot enter the second floor of the residential (so-called "mixed use") building that the applicant is proposing without creating security concerns for the building's residents.

    Prior plans for the site and for the southwest side of Glebe Road call for a four story commercial building. They don't call for a "mixed use" building with residential units on the second floor. The change that the applicant is proposing will change the planned character of Glebe Road and will almost certainly override any neighborhood hopes or plans for a pedestrian overpass above Glebe Road.


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