Thursday, February 28, 2008

Letter: Watch Where You Drop Milkweed Seeds

Say Steve,

I read the letter about planting milkweeds for butterflies.

My experience with milkweeds goes back to when I was a teenager, and thought it would be a great idea to drop a few seeds in a two acre field by our house.

Sure enough they spread like wild fire, and I got a job pulling them out (not entirely voluntary).


Louis Quay

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If you want to plant milkweed seeds in the Paradigm lot, please volunteer for this by contacting Steve Thurston. No one will ask you to remove the resultant plants if they spread.

Milkweed usually takes several years to establish itself from seeds. It won't flower during the first year.

Paradigm will probably develop the property before the milkweed has a chance to spread very far. However, since the real estate market is not very good at this time, you may see the milkweed flower before the bulldozers come.

Bernie Berne

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