Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Buckinghamsters and Arlington Foresters Pick McCain and Obama

Bham/A.F. Precincts Mirror Arlington, State and Region.

About 40 percent of registered voters in Arlington cast ballots yesterday, overwhelmingly supporting Barack Obama, (D), and John McCain, (R), as candidates for the presidency.

Thirty-two percent of Buckingham’s registered voters headed out to the polls, voting for Democrats 948 times and Republicans 161 times.

In the Buckingham Precinct, Obama won 573 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 370. Other Democrats who are no longer seeking the nomination also won a handful of votes. Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards each won 2 votes, Bill Richardson received 1. Joe Biden did not get any on the Democratic side.

For the Republicans who received votes in Buckingham, John McCain took 115 votes, while Mike Huckabee took 21; Ron Paul, the only other person still seeking the Republican nomination, won 10 votes. Other Republicans, who no longer are seeking the nomination, also won a handful of votes. Mitt Romney won 14; Rudy Giulianni received 1 vote. Fred Thompson did not receive any votes.

With 44 percent of registered voters casting ballots in Arlington Forest, the 784 votes cast for Democrats balanced a little more evenly between the rivals than they had in Buckingham, but Mr. Obama still came out on top, 445 to 325. Other candidates no longer running won votes, as well. Mr. Edwards took 6 votes, Mr. Richardson won 5, while Mr. Kucinich had 3. Mr. Biden did not receive any votes in Arlington Forest.

Voters opted for the Republican primary 172 times, and Mr. McCain won handily in Arlington Forest, taking 105 votes to Mr. Huckabee’s 32. Mr. Paul won 19 votes. Other candidates who won votes but are no longer in the race, included Mr. Romney, 11 votes; Mr. Thompson, 3 votes; and Mr. Giuliani, 2 votes.

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