Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Eggstravaganza Letter; BV Delay; No Police Notes

A BV delay on the Fast Track!
Last week I reported that the county board would most likely delay the final proposal on Buckingham to their June 9 meeting (at the request of the county manager in his report). At Saturday’s board meeting (items 35 A through G), they delayed the vote only to the May 5 meeting, again at the county manager’s behest. The reasons for the delay remain the same as in last week’s post (see it below). The delay will extend to June if the concerns cannot be addressed by May.

Carol Hoover’s Response
You’ll recall a couple posts back, I wrote about the Lubber Run Community Center’s Eggstravaganza and how I was a little curious about how people in Falls Church knew of the event, but my family didn’t. I was sure Carol Hoover, who directs Lubber Run and other centers for the county, would respond, and she did:

Sorry Steve we did not intend the event to be a secret, honest. I am delighted to hear that you had a good time (in spite of the freak snow fall). Next year let us hope for better weather to bring back the pony rides and baby animal petting zoo.
We advertised this annual event through flyers distributed to our preschool program, after school program, children’s classes, indoor playground, and [we] posted the flyer in the center lobby.

We also included a write up in the Arlington Forest newsletter. This program has been a neighborhood event started some 20 years ago and has grown with popularity. We have not posted this event in a larger medium such as the county web page because that would suggest it’s a county wide event vs. a neighborhood event and we do not have the capacity to handle a larger crowd or budget to support a larger event as it currently attracts 200-300 people.

However, we do want to get the word out to you and others in the neighborhood. What might you suggest? In the future may it be included in the Buckingham Herald? Are there other Buckingham mailing lists or neighborhood communication tools that we may use for this or other upcoming events? We will appreciate your suggestions. Thank you.


I’d be happy to post or email the latest Lubber Run happenings here. I’m looking into a listserv for the neighborhood. –Steve

Police Notes for Buckingham
Nothing this week! That’s three weeks of the last four. Excellent!


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