Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hawks and Scrubs

Cooper’s Shmoopers

“We get calls all the time,” Laura Stephens told me. She is the program manager/artworker for the
Northern Virginia Chapter of the Audubon Society and said people, including herself, are always hopeful that they’ve seen a rare bird.

I, of course, had asked her about my sighting of the
northern goshawk. [See the Nov. 26 and 29 posts, below.] She deflated my balloon, but then back tracked and told me not to lose hope.

“Boy, it would be cool if it was,” she said.

It turns out that juvenile
cooper’s and red-tailed hawks look much like juvenile northern goshawks. I must admit that I haven’t seen the bird close enough and long enough to get enough identifying marks.

I’ll admit, I’m still holding out hope. Ms. Stephens said our northern friend has been sighted before, but nothing has really been confirmed. Buckingham could be historic in a whole new way, if only it’s true!

I’m OK with it, though, if it’s not a goshawk. A cooper’s hawk is good. No, it really is; it better not be a common old red-tail, though.

We need PICTURES people. No birders will take us seriously without photos, Ms. Stephens told me, so I’ll offer my undying gratitude and $10 to current, legible photos of hawks (not pigeons, vultures, crows or others—just hawks) in the Buckingham neighborhood. This’ll be fun. No, really, it’s OK.


Don’t know how the rest of you feel about this, but I’m just tickled that
Scrubs has returned to NBC, finally, and that it’s on Thursday night, the crème of TV slots. Last week’s show wasn’t their strongest, I don’t think, but it’ll do. The real tragedy is that the show isn’t offered a day late on the ‘Net. You can only read about the different episodes. Bummer.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, I read someplace recently, was picked up for the full season officially, and you can view each episode on the Internet the day after it runs. The only problem with that show is that it looks and sounds just a little too much The West Wing.

Aaron Sorkin produced West Wing and produces Studio 60. Both shows take looks and pot-shots at social and political issues. It’s fun. However, Sorkin, uses the same fonts to title the different scenes of both shows. As well, Bradley Whitford acts on both shows, and Matthew Perry guest-starred once or twice on West Wing and now stars in Studio 60. I don’t know why I care, actually, but there you have it.

Now I have two shows to watch.


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